Individual Psychotherapy

When you choose talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, you are giving yourself a unique opportunity to talk safely without fear of judgment or criticism. Research shows talk therapy works.

As your therapist I will share my thoughts and ideas. As you develop self-understanding and awareness opportunities for using your personal strengths open up. Knowledge is deeply powerful. Increase in self-understanding paves the way to an increase in the number of choices that are available to you. That is empowering and self-confidence is strengthened.

One on one psychotherapy is most effective when meeting once or twice a week. The benefit of consistency and frequency makes it possible for ongoing conversation with reduced interruption. You can think of psychotherapy as a conversation with the goal of improving the quality of your day-to-day living. It is an important conversation that deserves continuity and focus. Talk therapy is an investment in enduring change.

The majority of my psychotherapy experience is working with adults in individual or group therapy. For a phone consultation, please call me at 206-550-0374 or send an email.

The initial psychotherapy session is 90 minutes; thereafter sessions are 50 minutes. For fee information please contact me. If I cannot accommodate your financial needs I strive to find appropriate referrals.

I have elected to not join insurance panels for many reasons; I provide documentation for you to give your carrier. If insurance is mandatory for payment of services, please verify ahead that your provider accepts an out-of-network (OON) provider.

Payment is check, cash, credit card, or Pay Pal.

If you are interested in individual psychotherapy, please contact me.

Dr. Mary Murphy, EdD
Psychotherapy for Individuals and Groups

Telephone: 206-550-0374

Lower Queen Anne, Seattle.
First West Building • 200 1st Avenue West, Suite 400 • Seattle, WA 98119

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