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How do I know if I should call for a therapy appointment?

This is a question many individuals spend a lot of time thinking about, perhaps over and over. Other individuals just know that this is a time in their lives that they want to talk to a therapist.

The answer to the question is if you are motivated it is the right time to call. No concern is too small or too big. It is understandable if you feel some nervousness about the process. It is my job to help you feel comfortable and safe so you can talk about what is bothering you.

Sometimes, but not always, there is a specific event that motivates you to call, for example divorce, cancer diagnosis, relationship problems, or a profound loss. Or you may notice symptoms that interfere with the quality of your life, such as sleep disturbance, irritability, fearfulness, distraction, or change in appetite. Other times, you feel like you want to talk to a therapist, but you aren’t quite sure why.

Choosing a psychotherapist is a big decision. The first step is making contact. Once an appointment is scheduled, I will ask you to fill out some paper work and you will be able to ask questions about me. You can contact me by phone or email.

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Dr. Mary Murphy, EdD, LICSW
Psychotherapy for Individuals

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