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Depression shows up in many ways and it is different for each individual. Maybe you feel dissatisfied with your life, but don’t know why. You have a job, a family, a house, but still, your life feels empty. Or maybe you have no energy. Everything is a chore; it is really hard to get motivated and really care about anything. But you don’t understand why.

Maybe you “put on a good face” to everyone, but inside you feel judged, criticized or self-conscious.

You want to have close relationships, but you don’t know how. You feel isolated and alone.

How do I work?
Depression and anxiety are often closely related. As with anxiety, I believe that it is necessary to understand what has contributed to the feelings you are experiencing in the present. I work with you for long-term relief and lasting change.

My role is to help you feel self-confident and have the quality of life you hope for.

Dr. Mary Murphy, EdD, LICSW
Psychotherapy for Individuals and Groups

License #: LW00008934

Telephone: 206-550-0374

Lower Queen Anne, Seattle.
First West Building • 200 1st Avenue West, Suite 400 • Seattle, WA 98119

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