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Living with loss and finding a new life is not easy. In my psychotherapy practice, I see adults who live with the unimaginable: losing a parent, child, spouse, sibling, or significant person. Accepting what is lost is hard. For some it comes easier than others. There is no one way to grieve and there is no uniform timetable. In all respects, mourning is uniquely personal.

There are many many other losses in life. Leaving a long-time career voluntarily or against your will; retirement dreams lost under financial burdens; parents growing old; divorce; long-term relationships by the wayside; children leaving home; cancer diagnosis; physical disability; ageing; long-distance move to a new place; Alzheimer’s disease. These are but a few losses of daily living.

When loss visits an individual life, it cannot be undone. But it can be talked about with a skilled therapist who listens without judgment and supports you as you make your new way.

At a time when talking may be particularly difficult, talking is unmistakably important to creating new life from your loss.

I hope you will consider calling if you are struggling with loss and together we will talk about the unsayable and begin the hard work of acceptance.

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